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We Offered: 

(A) HVAC Consultancy (Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning).

(B) Building Management System Consultancy.

(c) Plumbing And Fire Fighting Systems Consultancy.

(D) Data, CCTV And Security System.

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MSE fan carries out its manufacturing activities in a fully equipped facility located in Navi Mumbai, India. With over two decades of experience in the industry and with some of the most prestigious companies in its client list, MSE fan is one of the most trusted names for air moving products in India.

In order to provide products that meet the cost constraints of its customers, MSE fan has invested to build a state of the art laboratory where products undergo a series of stringent testing and verification at each and every stage of the production cycle – starting from design to trial production and to mass production – in order to make sure that every mse fans product is made to customer satisfaction.

Testing Facilities

Acoustic Anechoic Chamber

The background noise is controlled below 20 dB. The software records the Noise level at different frequencies.

Airflow / Static Pressure Testing

This is performed in the early stages of product design. Airflow / Static Pressure Test is performed to understand the speed versus Air Flow / Pressure Characteristics. Moreover, to effectively resolve customers’ heat dissipation problems MSE provides its recommendations on the type of fan to be used.

Inherent strengths MSE Fan Blower possesses

  • State-of-the-art manufacturing facility
  • Staff strength of over 100 qualified trained technicians
  • Production Capacity of 3 Million units a year
  • Complete Test Facilities.
  • Fully equipped Injection Moulding Division
  • In-house Tools and Dies development for: Injection 
  • Moulding, Pressure Die Cast Tools, and Motor
  •  Lamination Tools

Overall MSE Product Life Testing

Product life testing incorporates various testing environments including
  • High Temperature
  • Low Temperature
  • High / Low Temperature Circulation
  • High Temperature High Humidity
  • Normal Temperature, etc.

These tests are carried out to understand the changes of service life of MSE FANS products in different use environments. Hence any fan failure can be detected real time and the product life can be estimated. Products are tested in design phase, through pre-production and into mass production.