EC centrifugal blowers

EC centrifugal blower with high power density

Innovative and unique

Flexibility is the trump card. That's why EC centrifugal blowers from ebm-papst can be expanded in modules. Even connecting fans in parallel is no longer a problem thanks to the active PFC. The result is that virtually every customer requirement can be fulfilled.

EC Trommellaeufer

All the advantages at a glance

  • Modular connection/configuration possible so you can extend your air curtain at any time
  • Quick start-up
  • Standard-compliant parallel connection thanks to active PFC
  • High power density

High power density straight away

See for yourself: The new EC centrifugal blowers from ebm-papst start up faster than conventional EC models, whilst at the same time offering much quieter operation and greater energy efficiency. The "heart" of this speedy starter, available in fan sizes 160 and 250, is a GreenTech EC motor with a power of 0.75 kW. The graph on the right shows the time required to run up to maximum speed with an applied control voltage of 10 V.

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EC centrifugal blower with high power density – innovative and unique
Brochure - EC centrifugal blower with high power density - ebm-papst

Areas of application

The air curtain principle

Air curtains are used wherever cold air needs to be separated from warmer air. In just a matter of seconds, they generate a wall of air that prevents cold air from mixing with the warm air in adjoining areas, for example in cold storage rooms or at goods reception.

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Further area of application: Air lock

In air locks, a strong air flow is quickly generated to decontaminate clothes in no time at all. This is where the EC centrifugal blowers developed by ebm-papst show just how superior they are: They start up at least as quickly as conventional AC versions, but with far greater energy efficiency, as illustrated by the graph on page 3.

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