Elco For Shaded Pole Q Motor

Elco For Shaded Pole Q Motor

Elco’s core business is dedicated to finding personalized solutions for OEM’s operating in the Refrigeration sector seeking for high quality motors. The products are VDE or UL/CSA approved and are manufactured close to our customers in our factories in Italy, China or Brazil. In 1998, the very first prototype of our Energy Saving (ECM) motor was presented, using Elco protected intellectual property – a highly efficient alternative to the traditional shaded pole motors. The standard applications for these motors are in Refrigerated Supermarket Counters, Refrigerated cells, ice cream/slush machines and small evaporating/condensating units.


2.) ECM
These units distinguish themselves from standard shaded pole series for the usage of a BLDC motor with integrated drivers – guaranteeing huge advantages, the most evident of which is the reduction in consumption, heat dissipation, life expectancy, IP66 upon request and a market in continuous expansion where in some cases has become the standard.
3.) ECM HC
This new series allows to Wirelessly program up to two separate Rpm speeds via RF, reversible speed possibility or continuous speed control 0-10Vdc.
A.) A
B.) EC Axial Fans (CFE) – The Elco range of Compact EC Axial Fans differ from the Asynchronous version for the usage of a BLDC motor with integrated drivers – guaranteeing the same performances but with significantly reduced consumptions. The CF series ranges from 300mm to 400mm and comes with metal finger guards.

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