ebm papst cross flow fans blower 

ebm papst cross flow fans blower 

Stove jacket cooling, storage heaters, wood-burning stoves, underfloor convectors, air doors, air conditioners and heaters – all of these applications need a ventilation system offering low installation height and high air flow rates. The ideal solution: Tangential blowers from ebm-papst. These provide high air flow rates, excellent air throw, and extremely good noise characteristics.

The generally small impeller diameter (30 to 65 mm) to impeller length (up to 2×300 mm) ratio permits an extremely shallow, flat design. The large intake and outlet cross-section makes it possible to achieve a high air throughput rate with low flow velocities. Further characteristic features of tangential blowers are a long air throw and extremely low running noise.

Tangential blowers are available with an asymmetrical shaded-pole motor, a capacitor motor or a GreenTech EC motor with integrated commutation electronics (incl. tach output and PWM or analog input) to suit the application concerned. With the GreenTech EC motors it is possible to select a higher speed than for shaded-pole and capacitor motors, to overcome higher back pressures for example. Using appropriate sensors, the tangential blower featuring GreenTech EC technology automatically sets the required operating points and conveys the exact amount of air required.


The advantages of ebm-papst tangential blowers at a glance:

  • Low noise with high air flow rates and low back pressures
  • High air throughput with low flow velocities
  • Expanded-width discharge area ensures that air makes good contact with ducts and surfaces to be cooled
  • Extremely shallow design
  • Moisture-proof versions for refrigeration applications, for example
  • Higher speeds with GreenTech EC motors than with AC motors
  • Power adjustment via PWM signal or 0–10 V analog voltage
  • TypeSpeed
    in min-1
    in m³/h
    Nominal voltage
    in V
    Max. back pressure
    in Pa
    in Hz
    QG030-148/12758 - 14DC
    QG030-148/147516 - 28DC
    QG030-198/121008 - 14DC
    QG030-198/1410016 - 28DC
    QG030-303/121408 - 14DC
    QG030-303/1414016 - 28DC
    QG030-353/121558 - 14DC
    QG030-353/1415516 - 28DC

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