ebm papst hot air blowers

ebm-papst hot-air blowers rely on tried and proven shaded-pole motors.

The hot air impeller is either made from hot-dip aluminized steel

stainless steel or die cast aluminum, and depending on the application, can also be coated

This coating prevents dirt sticking to the surface

A particularly practical feature is A special bracket means that the motor can be mounted outside the hot oven.

This means it is optimally protected against heat

High ambient temperatures don't affect the hot-air blower or the corresponding drive motor

Ball bearings that are optionally available also ensure a long service life

the event of a vertical shaft position and hanging fan impeller

hot air blowers

The advantages of ebm-papst hot-air blowers at a glance:

  • Ready to install
  • Proven and reliable shaded-pole motor technology
  • Heat-resistant impellers made of hot-dip aluminized steel, stainless steel or die-cast aluminum
  • Temperatures from 120 to 500 degrees Celsius (pyrolytic self-cleaning)
  • Motor installed outside the oven
  • Also available with ball bearings to meet special demands

Heat appliances are a key part of every kitchen: this is where power, function and convenience really count.

Hot and cold air for baking and cooking

ebm-papst fans and blowers are used in hot-air ovens in the private and commercial sectors.

They are exceptionally powerful, functional and quiet. ebm-papst offers fans and blowers

coordinated tuned especially for the stove in question to ensure utmost comfort.

Quiet hot-air blowers ensure uniform temperatures in the oven and, therefore,

an even result when it comes to your baking.

Alongside the circulation blowers, fans ensure that the stove jacket is cooled to keep the surfaces cold.

They also ensure that steam is extracted from the inside of the oven in a controlled way.

Blowers from ebm-papst reliably cool the electronics in cooktops,

ensuring that you can enjoy cooking in your kitchen for a long time to come.


The advantages of ebm-papst fans and blowers in ranges, ovens, and cooktops:

  • Pleasant noise level
  • Switchable direction of rotation for optimum temperature distribution
  • Speed adjustable via control electronics or sensors
  • High power density, increasing the efficiency of the entire appliance
  • Take the heat out of the kitchen


    stove jacket cooling

    All your advantages at a glance:

    • Cooling for stove jackets, control electronics and oven door
    • Custom designs for ovens with or without pyrolytic cleaning
    • Available in designs with AC or EC technology


    • Circulation blowers from ebm-papst are designed to handle the special demands of circulating hot air in electrical appliances. Tried and tested shaded-pole motor technology ensures even temperature distribution inside household ranges and ovens, producing a perfect bake. A particularly practical feature is the special bracket,

      which enables the motor to be mounted outside the oven to protect it from the heat.

      However, it can do more than circulate hot air

      it can also handle different climatic conditions

      dry or humid, cold or hot

      laboratory and climatic chambers. The use of EC motor technology offers additional functionality and convenience here.

      circulation blowers

      All your advantages at a glance:

      • Long service life
      • Ready to install
      • Fan impellers in stainless steel or die-cast aluminum
      • Also used in ovens with pyrolytic self-cleaning
      • Low noise

      Applications for circulation blowers

      Whether in kitchen stoves, ovens, climatic chambers or food and plate warmers,

      ebm-papst circulation blowers ensure perfect air performance in kitchens,

      well as in medical equipment such as incubators, sterilizers and drying ovens.

      They work extremely reliably and quietly.

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